bursting with light and joy ...

 ... it started last night and has carried over into this morning and that's what I'm feeling right now.
Swirling energy, light and love - kind of like this ......

This image from here

I stayed on the computer way too long last night and knew that getting to sleep would be difficult.  So I sat down to read a bit from The Physics of Miracles (which I'm really enjoying) and then a late night meditation.  The message I'm getting right now, loud and clear, is to let go and have fun doing it.  This is particularly timely as I put loads of work out in the world to sell.  But rather than being totally driven and obsessed with selling, it's feeling like I'm casting seeds out into the world and sharing my joy of creating.  

You see, I tend to be kind of obsessed with numbers - ooooooohh, I just love Google Analytics.  How many hits, anybody looking, anybody 'heart' my pieces, who's reading the blog, how many and where are they and wouldn't it be nice if I was getting tons of hits and comments and and and .... I get all out of breath and kind of itchy.

So last night it felt like the continuation of a lovely release.  At one point it seemed that light inflated my body like a balloon, my skin felt too small, something deep inside wanted to burst free and I started to giggle. 

Yes, I really am starting to get it.

The trick is to slow down.  Funny thing, it ended up taking forever to fall asleep.  I was so excited and had so many ideas swirling around in my little ol' head ... plans for new jewelry, website links to share, an idea for how I want to make my own line of handbuilt dishes - damn, wish I had a big kiln - the idea's a goodern!  Note to self - make sketches and notes so's not to forget.  And yes, the swirling image is a frequent and pleasant visitor.  Me, a being of bright white light at the center of a vortex,  with every color in the light spectrum swirling around me in a relentless upward motion. 

So, here I am, starting to hyperventilate again.   Calm down, Kathy ... breathe deep breaths, smile and keep on moving ... onward ... joyously becoming ... me. 

blessings - kvk

p.s.  here's another link to share ... All For the Mountain - crazy crazy jewelry from some folks that I think are temporarily visiting from Mars or maybe the Pleiades and working to get back home. 

p.p.s.  Thanks for all the lovely comments about the new components!  Did I mention that I love comments!