new bag of tricks + spring!

I would say I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve, but today I don't have any ... sleeves!  Sweet relief - zorries and no sleeves and linen, all the windows open and puttering in the front flower bed.  I know I'm probably pressing my luck and it's probably way too early to be doing this, but I couldn't help myself.
Yesterdays project - 15 bucks at the nursery and a couple of hours later ...

Notice my shadow?  Yep, that's from this thing called the sun that's very warm and very bright.
And then I cleared out the insulating layer of leaves in the front beds and discovered the bee balm has been very busy.  This little corner is going to be amazing and me and the hummingbirds will be in heaven.

It's such a relief when the flowering quince starts to bloom and, when leaving the windows open at night I can hear the spring peepers.  Do you love peepers?  I love peepers.  How could anyone not love peepers?

Ah, yes, but that aforementioned bag of tricks ... what might that be, what would be hiding up my sleeve if I was wearing sleeves?

Well, the plan is, I'll be combining these bags ...

with this lovely and ginormous slab of concrete in my yard ...

... throwing small slabs of white earthenware on the concrete to make small vessels and shallow pots then inlay colored clay designs accented with metal clay slip - no glaze.  The intention for this work - vessels to hold components from the forthcoming Talismans For Fellow Travelers - Elements.  I have been thinking about the concept of building your own talismans for months and I'm very much in the middle of figuring it all out, but it feels like the missing pieces are finally falling into place.  So, I'll be keeping you posted as the concept progresses.

But right this very second, I am so excited to get my hands into this fresh bag of earthenware clay ... pinch pots and slab pots ... did you know you could 'throw' slabs of clay ... probably one of my favorite things to do with clay.  This is where the slab of concrete comes in.  Way back when, in the amazing little pottery studio at Whatcom Community College on Bellingham Bay, Washington - we'd 'throw' slabs on the concrete floors.  It's very meditative and enormously satisfying and the slabs have a beautiful organic quality - so much better than chucking them onto the big ol' boring slab roller.  And, yep, it was Elephant Ceramics that got me all inspired and I can't wait to see what happens.

Okay, must play with clay now.
with much gratitude and great joy ...
blessings - kvk