quiet thoughts and the multitudes

Quiet thoughts.

Quiet day.

Conversation difficult.  Unable to focus on work or being productive, spent the afternoon finishing my fluffy novel - delicious and absorbing.  Three nights in a row up past midnight unable (unwilling) to stop reading.  On this overcast and chilly first spring evening, hoping for an early night and a better night's sleep.

But wispy thoughts have been playing in the background.  It's so difficult to turn my designing mind off. 

It's times like these when my thoughts seem strange and foreign and my skin feels tingly and too small and I move around my workroom making hurried notes and sketches, trying to capture that fleeting image or idea.

It's times like these that I feel like someone else ... or maybe it's that I feel like more than one person ... a multitude of beings thrust into my head clamoring to be noticed, to speak first and loudest and not be missed.

It's times like these that I cherish, feeling so alive, creative energy barely contained and then I realize I'm holding it in, trying to control it and not be overwhelmed by the force.

One day, I will let go.  One day soon.

blessings - kvk