rabbit totem

This morning, heading back down the driveway from the mailbox, I look over to my neighbors driveway and sitting very calmly next to the bushes was the biggest 'wild' rabbit I've ever seen.  I put wild in quotes as it seemed more like someone's giant Easter bunny on the loose.  This bunny was way bigger than Zoe Kitty and Zoe's a big girl.  Big wild bunny was chillin' in the drive, not budging an inch.  So I figured I'd see how close I could get ... pretty darn close.  Within 6 or 8 feet.  Then it just sauntered off into the bushes, didn't madly dash away.  Kind of strange actually.   I've been thinking about that bunny all day.

And then a few minutes ago I got to wondering about animal totems and rabbits in that context and found this site and really like the message ... 

"Rabbit: The rabbit totem is an instrument of magic and good luck. Her gifts are spontaneity, alacrity and agility. Likewise, her path guides us to go forward with positive anticipation, for rabbit brings success to all endeavors. Rabbit is also a symbol of reproduction and abundance. The lesson is to create joy and faithfulness within our friendships. Finally, rabbit teaches us to overcome our fears as we take a conscious leap into new territory."
 ... well abundance, yes; reproduction, no  - I'm well past that.
I've always loved rabbits ... had them as pets when I was little little.  Actually that's another whole story, but basically I love watching them in the yard and come to think of it, this is the second rabbit encounter this week.  Wow, even more interesting.  A couple of days ago, a small one was grazing under our blueberry bushes.  A big crow kept dive bombing the little guy - never seen that.  Then a second crow joined in and chased the little rabbit off, following him into the heavy bushes at the yard's edge.  Definitely never saw that.

So I'll just be sitting here pondering all the rabbit medicine in my life.  Curious indeed.

ttfn + blessings - kvk