au revoir Port Townsend

Okay, so this has been a very difficult decision.  I've been this close so many times and, well .. it's finally time.  June will be my last month at Artisans on Taylor in Port Townsend.  It's been a great ride and it's still a good source of income, but the bottom line - I really suck at managing consignment inventory.  It's a disservice to everyone - me and the gallery and the customers - the way I struggle with keeping up or more accurately not keeping up with keeping the gallery well stocked.  That's a big clue that I've been ignoring for a long time.

So here's the deal.  I was going to pull everything the end of May and decided to give everyone a month's notice instead.  So Anna and I are going to offer and "au revoir" 20% discount on all my work through the month of June.  There's some pretty special work out there, so it's an opportunity to snag some of my one-of-a-kind pieces with a bit of a discount.  Here's a link to my gallery page.

Please check with the gallery first, but here's a couple of pieces that may still be there ...

It's a strange feeling, but it's time to move on.  I really do know that when one door closes another opens ... still.  Deep breaths.  It's not really an abyss, it's an opportunity.

l i g a - kvk