a mindful step

In between setting up computers and working on orders, I've been planning the further adventures of my Talismans and Reliquaries.  It's always interesting to me the timing of how things unfold.  I thought for sure I'd have the whole concept and design and supporting details for my Talismans all nailed down long before now.  But everything moves at the appropriate pace and I'm very much okay with that.

Last week I made a couple of non-specific Reliquaries ... non-specific in that I want to use these as samples.  The idea all along has been to design a series of forms and surface images/symbols - I think I've got 5 different shapes and the imagery is still being developed.  A person will select a shape and symbols and their own intention or prayer that I'll write on onionskin paper and fire within the piece.  I'll still be doing finished pieces, but these custom pieces are a vital piece of the concept.

Here's the front and back of two sample Amphoras and one Heart ...

What hit me a couple of nights ago is the potential emotional challenges this project presents.  Remember, I'm pretty close to being a hermit.  Between our work and Dave's school, we have no social life, which is really okay with us.  I have a very few close friends, avoid crowds and big events.  I guess that's a pretty common blogging profile. 

But the responsibility of what I'm taking on started to register after reading a couple of intensely moving blogs and some comments from followers.  I live an incredibly blessed albeit incredibly sheltered existence.  We are not suffering financially, we are extremely healthy, we live simply with virtually no drama.  What I'm realizing as I move forward with this project ... my intention is that I will be engaging with people from many walks of life, with varying circumstances, that I am stepping straight out of my very secure comfort zone.

Such a blessed awareness now, to step ever more mindfully forward, to engage and embrace the unfolding.

l i g a - kvk