acquistions part 2

Well, I know I said I was taking the day off and really I am, but I wanted to share a couple more things ...

First thing, if you don't already know or haven't figured it out, I have a strong aversion to synthetic ... well synthetic anything ... in all its connotations and permutations and variations.  So for me to go where I'm going is a big leap, but I'm fairly sure a necessary one.

I made a bracelet for my mom-in-law for Christmas using the silk cord I've been making. A very simple wrap with just a few beads and silver elements ... which she just mailed back.  The silk broke at the button.  Anyone who makes things for a living really hates it when our creations break.  I can't abide the idea that I've created something that might be substandard.  But the problem with the silk or any natural fiber, is ... well, it's natural.  It's not made to last forever.

Granted - Mom's been wearing the bracelet non-stop for 7 months, but that doesn't make me feel any better.  So I went to a trusted website to look for ... gasp! ... synthetic alternatives.  Enter Marion's Jewels in Fiber.  I had this site bookmarked from years ago for Chinese knotting cord and then on my horrible quest for silk last year, a blog-buddy recommended her as well.  From the descriptions, I decided on Vintage Mastex Nylon.  I ordered four spools which arrived today.  Amazingly, the silk and nylon colors are virtually identical.  Plus, the nylon shouldn't fade like the silk.

And it plied into a nice strand of cord.  Okay, so it definitely feels like nylon, but either my friend or the site said it will soften with wear.

I've actually been thinking about adding synthetic cord to my repertoire, so that's why I ordered four colors.  I've looked at gore-tex/Tenara but it's just too bloody expensive and the few colors it comes in are really hard to find.  Kevlar only comes in yellow and has its limitations.  So nylon it is.  Now I can offer a choice - especially nice for people who never take their jewelry off.  The colors I ordered (btw - the photo is not accurate) - rust, chocolate, black and indigo ... of course I had to get some blue!

And since we're talking about supplies ... if you were around last year when Gudebrod silk started disappearing and followed my expensive and panicked search for a replacement ... well, it was all for naught.  Turns out a supplier in Texas went to the trouble to have their own version manufactured ... pretty much all the same colors and sizes as the Gudebrod, especially my beloved charcoal.  Even better, it's less expensive than the original.  Only thing, it's made in China, but it's a core element in my wholesale line, an absolute necessity and there's literally nothing else like it on the market - believe me I know!  So, if you're looking for high quality silk thread here's the link - Big Stone Inc. and they have free shipping for purchases over $100.  I have lots of charcoal now and don't need to worry any more.

So that's really it for today!  I'm heading off to my silly novel - a totally beat mass market paperback (which I rarely buy) that I read years ago and liked and have hung onto just in case I needed a good summer read - Crown of Columbus.  A review said it's a cross between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Possession (an all time fave).

Once again ... bountiful blessings.
l i g a - kvk