food for thought

I got this list from the September newsletter of Colette Baron-Reid.  Seemed like a good thing to share ....

  • What is the relationship to my service and my beliefs about prosperity?
  • What is sacred to me?
  • Do I trust and believe in what I say?
  • Do my actions reflect my truest motives?
  • In what way do I choose to dim my light rather than face disapproval from others?
  • If I could do anything to change my life what would it be?
  • Do I take responsibility for my part in disagreements?
  • How does fear show up in my life’s expression?
  • What do I love to do in my life?
  • What makes my heart sing?
  • What actions can I do to ensure my well-being? 
After a morning full of appointments and feeling completely distracted, I'd like to accomplish some little something this afternoon.

l i g a - kvk