cruising the edge

I think about this often ... cruising the edge, my edge, my own avant garde.  I really don't want this to sound elitist, but through the years I've noticed a trend in my work ... I tend to be a couple of years ahead of the rest of the pack.  I've actually found it kind of annoying, not too many people 'get' what I'm doing.  I end up feeling like I'm temporarily visiting from Mars.

What got me to thinking about it this time is I started in on sorting through my piles of piles.  Resting in one particularly dusty folder I found this sweet little remnant from my PMC team player past - the rejection letter from Lark for a book proposal about all kinds of ways to use metal clay in mixed media projects ...

Considering how many metal clay books are out there these days, this really gives me a good chuckle.  Oh well, wasn't meant to be.

But what is starting to happen and what I'm really enjoying in the last few months ... my Urban Primitive series is getting a very nice response.  People are buying the work, I'm getting lots of Etsy 'likes' and into some cool Treasuries and I'm meeting some like minded people on-line ... very encouraging ... very gratifying ... as a matter of fact, I'm feeling very blessed.  Maybe I'm not really from Mars after all.

Okay, heading back to my piles.

l i g a - kvk