sneak peek

I've been taking pictures of the new work to list on Etsy.  I do so love it when I get excited all over again just looking at my jewels.  Gotta say, I am really really loving these new pieces.  Here's a sneak peek of a few I'm willing to part with ...

Epic Cubes - steel with bronze overlays on linen cord with a Basha bead

Monolith Cairn - steel, bronze, fossilized bone, moss aquamarine, Basha bead on nylon cord

Nugget Cairn - steel nuggets, Basha bead on silk cord

Petal Cairn - steel, bronze, sanded amethyst nugget, Basha bead on silk cord ... I really love this one!

Mixed Coins - steel, bronze and moss aquamarine on nylon cord ... ditto with this one

It'll be tomorrow when I get these (and more) listed ... so stay tuned!

l i g a - kvk