a wee bit different

Last month while I was waiting for various kiln loads of steel and bronze metal clay to fire, I decided to make some chain links.  I love making chain and used to have a few pieces in my wholesale line that were metal clay and sterling links.  But it had been awhile.  With the cost of silver so high, I'd been hoarding my 14 gauge wire, just in case ... for what ... I have no idea. 

So I just decided to say what the heck, not worry about the cost or the what-if's and have some fun.  I've been tweaking it here and there since then, but am finally satisfied with the length and balance and have called it done.

This is my Eccentric Links necklace and it just got listed on Etsy

I love the subtle texture I get during the forging ... a combination of the worn face of my treasured vintage ball peen hammer and the solid chunk of steel I've been using as an anvil for the last 15 years.

On a softer note, I also just listed this year's interpretations of my Sea Spray earrings and a continuation of the Sea Goddess series.  As of right now, I'm liking this pair best ... elegant and breezy. 

Today's been dreary and damp and chilly and my mood has been about the same.  But taking the time to photograph and caress these lovelies has improved my gray mood considerably.  Okay, back to what I'm really s'posed to be doing ... working on a wholesale order.

Thanks to all the new members and for all the wonderful and supportive comments ... it's been an amazing week.

with deep gratitude and heartfelt blessings.
l i g a - kvk