just a quickie ....

......... because I don't have much time and really need to get dinner going and I'm dying to write a really juicy post 'cause I've got a whole bunch of things to share - thoughts and new work and inspiration and ... well - lots ... but it's going to be a few days.

So for now, a quick preview ... I finally finished the first piece using some of my new treasures.  Here's my Amber Goddess necklace.  It's going to be next week before I have time to list it on Etsy and I just couldn't wait to share.

There's steel and bronze metal clay, jumbo nuggets of rutilated quartz and amber (thank you Andrew!), some of the fire etched agate (amazed to discover they're translucent!) and of course the yummiest piece of the agatized bamboo - a long and graceful cylinder ... all on antique brown leather with a bronze pebble closure and leather and linen wrapped cushioning at the back of the neck.

I'm thrilled ... hope you agree.

One more day of work for me and then we're on our 'staycation' through the weekend ... short road trips and eating out and chilling for a few days.

ciao for now!
l i g a - kvk