Been taking pics of some new pieces to list on Etsy.  They each have my L I G A blessing written on silk and lashed to the chain.  I still need to take some shots of them on Orlando (my mannequin) and so it will be later tomorrow at the earliest that they'll get listed.  I'm thinking I'll offer my readers first dibs with the added holiday present of a 15% discount, so if anyone's interested, let me know ... soon.  These are the 'before discount' prices.     

fine silver cubes and lapis chunk on 28" sterling bead chain  - $210

bead stack with lapis chunk on 34" sterling bead chain  - $250

large lapis nugget pendant with ring stack on 28" sterling bead chain  - $170  SOLD!
raw nuggets - silver and lapis on 28" bead chain  - $155

I've got a few more pieces to shoot and will do the same offer with them ...
have a lovely evening!
l i g a - kvk