wheels are working

A couple of weeks ago, I went to an estate sale and came home with a ginormous box of raw gemstone slabs and a cold chisel.  The pieces I'm really excited about right now are these translucent agate slices and the hollow and equally translucent, I don't know what it is, form.

But I've got a lot of material to work with ... mostly jasper.  There's a wee bit of chrysocola, a nice size slab of sodalite, obsidian - plain and snowflake, rhodochrosite (I think that's what that big chunk middle right is) and not sure what all else.  Oh and several slices of an agate that's blue and lavender - gorgeous!  Oh and that black piece up front is a slab of fossilized shells and little creatures.  Lots of absolutely delicious raw edges.  I'm thinking the box was about 25 pounds ... that plus the chisel for 65 bucks ... suh-weet!

I'm planning on making some classic KVK wonky bezels and settings out of steel with sterling prongs fired onto the steel ... well, that's the plan as of right now.  Doing some research on setting stones.  Plus I've been having a big ol' time wacking on some of the slabs and breaking them into smaller chunks, then smoothing off the edges with my diamond rotary tools ... like I was saying - classic KVK wonky stuff. 

very exciting, no?
I'll keep you posted.

once again - happy heart day!
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