gettin' skinny postscript

A couple more notes regarding gizmos .......
  •  my blender is ancient ... it was old when Dave's grandparents gave it to us over 30 years ago; the blades are dull as mud.  Hoping to invest in a VitaMix this year ... fingers are crossed for a tax refund.
  • I have a food processor that I hate.  It was the best budget model I could afford way back when, but it's poorly designed and way too small.  A new one is on my wishlist as well.
  • lately I've been making raw crackers with our dehydrator.  We are blessed to have a 9 tray Excalibur from our long ago days of having big veggie gardens.  It's been sitting on the shelf for years.  Inspired by the amazing raw food at Present Moment Cafe in St Augustine, I hauled it out.  I found some recipes on line and I've been making crackers with raw nuts, flax seeds, a red onion, tomato and have just started adding carrot pulp.  
  • My enormously satisfying lunch is a jar of juice, a couple of my crackers with regular old hummus and an orange - then I'm pretty much stuffed.  
  • the recipe books I've been using the most:  Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet is chock full of yummy goodness - cornmeal/walnut pancakes - seriously yummy.  Another food documentary we loved (you should see all the food documentaries in our Netflix and Amazon queue's!) was Forks Over Knives.  The recipes in the original companion book are quite good (local library's copy) - especially Rip's sweet potato lasagna.  I had checked out the full on cook book from the library, but didn't get very far with it before I had to take it back ... looks very promising, though.  I'm going to order them both.
 Here's to getting healthy and feeling great!  Yay us!

l i g a - kvk