skinnie me + silk

Okay, so I was having a pretty good hair day and was getting ready to change back into my 'house/studio clothes' (aka skaggy housewife outfit) and the sun was shining into my workroom, so I figured I'd get out the tripod and snap one of the new me ... the 23 pounds lighter than the last time you saw me me.

et voila`

I'm thinking the last time I weighed this little (114 I'm proud to say) was in my early 20's.  This is the me that's been hiding in a fat suit for decades ... I'm really glad she's back.

And now on to the equally important stuff ... dyeing!  Alright, the silk's still wet and therefore the colors are darker, but I couldn't resist snapping one before I run them through a wash (get rid of the onion smell) and dry.  The one on the right is an incredibly brilliant orange from yellow onion skins; the left one is an equally lush magenta from red onion skins.  The darker olive is from a walnut in the dye bath.  

The walnut only bath wasn't strong enough and the silk was a boring beige and not much change in the linen.  I poured the concentrated liquid from the onion/walnut bath into the bigger pot and now have it simmering for a while longer.  Fingers are crossed.

Lots of projects in the works, so back to it for me .......
l i g a - kvk