spring break

Okay kids ...
I'm working on aligning my ducks and getting ready to shut down my internet for a bit.  I had thought I would do this last week and was kind of bumming it hadn't happened.  When I saw the new moon is tomorrow, I realized my timing for doing this right now is perfect.   

And I had thought to do a follow-up post to my last couple, but I'm just not feeling it.  It's just feeling like it's time to stop.

Before I shut down, there are a couple of folks who've left comments that I hadn't responded to.
    Secret Squirrel - thanks for following along and the well wishes
    Mansuetude - your perspective is always so appreciated and deeply valued
    Lynne - you are my north star and I am eternally grateful for our friendship

Not sure how long my grand experiment will last, but I'm going to hold out for as long as I can.  Like I was saying before, I'm fairly addicted to this thing, so wish me luck. 

love and light filled blessings ....
l i g a - kvk