recent reads

Been reading a fair amount ... complete with staying up late to finish books ... and it's been quite  a while since I'd done that.  So thought I'd share what's been keeping me up late at night and what's been fueling my current surge in inspiration.

Janisse Ray is a recent discovery.  Pretty much loving everything I've found, Wild Card Quilt because it resonated deeply and The Seed Underground for deepening my resolve to support local food ... but they're all pretty wonderful.  She writes of the north Florida and south Georgia landscape of my childhood and it's been helping gain a new perspective on my own history.

I used to read everything by Isabel Allende and then I didn't.  I found Maya's Notebook on the new bookshelf at the library and devoured it straight away.  Might need to do some backtracking and see what I've missed over the last few years.

Just finished Sabina Berman's  - Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World, another library find.  It's written in the voice of an autistic savant.  No idea how accurate it might be, but the book was an absolute delight and I blew through it way too fast.

Just started The House at the End of Hope Street by Menna van Praag and it's looking to be a good one ... magic and mystery in a lovely setting.  Thanks to my beloved librarian husband for snagging this one while he was cataloging it.  Gotta love a spouse that knows my reading habits so well.

These are all looking like books with some redeeming value.  I haven't read any flat out tripe in a bit, but I will say I'll be at the head of the line when the final book of the All Souls Trilogy comes out.  I've never read any other vampire silliness, but love how Deborah Harkness throws in lots of historical detail ... tripe with a wee bit of redeeming value.

Okay, now back to work for this little peep.
ciao for now
 love and gratitude and light filled blessings ...
l i g a - kvk

p.s.  it's the middle of May and the heat is on ... what up wit dat?