minor obsessions and pools of rainbow light

Well, I'm still pretty much obsessed with these colors.  I just can't help myself.  Here's the assortment of gorgeousness that will be going into my next necklace.  I know she's going to be an Epic Ocean Muse ...

She's going to be  l o n g g g g - I'm hoping for at least 42" - hence the big assortment of treasures - pretty sure I'll need more.  I've been drilling out pearls, beach glass and gemstones.  She'll be strung on unbleached linen cord and have a lot of fine silver beads that I've rescued from a couple of my wholesale samples.  But that's all I know for right now.  Can't wait to see what she's going to look like.

Of course, I've been borderline obsessed with these colors forever ... just lately it's gotten to be even more so.  I had a follow-up session with Marilyn last week.  During part of the session I had a really strong visual of swimming and playing in an ocean pool - joyous and free and exhilarating - something like this image I found of the Amalfi coast ...

After our session ended, that visualization had me going straight over to my worktable to re-do my talisman.  The updated version has a moss aquamarine faceted nugget, a vintage carnelian nugget, a nice chunk of teal green beach glass, my small P4R medallion, a bronze life spiral with "I Am" on the back, bronze "abundance" text nugget with a watermelon tourmaline cylinder, my chakra pendant with a ruby at the heart center, a gem stack of blue aquamarine and apatite, my cross with LGLG on the back (let go let god), more blue aquamarine and a heart shaped teal beach glass nugget.  The blessing is still that bit from the Michael Beckwith quote, "a way will be made."

The other thing I was moved to do was pull out my "RLB" ... really long bracelet!  I wore this on my right wrist for years and years - never took it off.  At one point it was 16' long.  I remember once when it broke while swimming with my chocolate lab, Satchel, at Lake Fontana.  He got a little too enthusiastic, hit my wrist and beads went flying.  I said, "darn, I wish he hadn't done that."

I used to sell them by the foot for some ridiculously small amount of money ... they take hours and hours ... that's a butt load of beads to string.  I'd sit there with 30 or 40 bins of beads and dive in like an improvisation ... very intuitive and meditative.  Anyway, I pulled it out and put it on my left wrist ... very strange at first, but now it feels like it's always been there.  My RLB has a substantial visual as well as physical weight.  My favorite part - there's a ton of really beautiful ancient Roman glass beads - the expensive ones.  Plus, it keeps me from wearing my watch - a real test for miss clockwatcher me.  The idea is my right brain/left side needs even more nudging - retraining my brain to allow the analytical side to be less dominant. 

The other really strong visual I got from our session was of being behind the steel gates of a large dam.  On one side of the dam, I can easily see a brilliant pool of white light with rainbow edges - kind of like being in the middle of a complex prism of light.  On the side I am right now it's feels kind of dark and stifling and there's a huge amount of fear anticipating what would happen if those flood gates blasted open.   I know I want to be on the side of that pool of light, but the idea of being swept away in sudden release scares the bajeezious out of me.

So, I've been working on not being stuck behind that dam.  Subsequent meditations and breathwork and yoga and swimming have created a shift ... the dam has sprung a few leaks.  And, as of yesterday, the leaks were getting bigger.  I'm thinking a slow breach is just fine.  Looking forward to swimming in that pool of rainbow light ...

l i g a - kvk  

p.s. this week's FreeWill Astrology horoscope made me chuckle

Sagittarius Horoscope for week of July 11, 2013
Breakthrough will probably not arrive wrapped in sweetness and a warm glow, nor is it likely to be catalyzed by a handsome prince or pretty princess. No, Sagittarius. When the breakthrough barges into your life, it may be a bit dingy and dank, and it may be triggered by questionable decisions or weird karma. So in other words, the breakthrough may have resemblances to a breakdown, at least in the beginning. This would actually be a good omen -- a sign that your deliverance is nothing like you imagined it would be, and probably much more interesting.