closing out 2013 ...

... and I'm so excited! 

I'm excited about a new moon welcoming the new year.
I'm excited because I just cut my hair and am enormously pleased with the results
(pics will follow when I've got more time). 
I'm excited to see my worktable clear and ready to support a new year of expanding
and growing and discovery.
I'm excited because all of my wholesale accounts are paid up including a surprise early payment ... which means I've got extra funds ready to purchase materials. 

I'm excited to dive into my birthday present, Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map ... Dave and I are going to work on it together ... and to keep track of my year in her spiffy day planner.

But much more than being exited, I'm enormously grateful for all the challenges as well as the good fortune and bountiful blessings of 2013. 
2014 promises to be a year of changes ... I'm shooting for some really big ones
... and that is very very exciting!  
Wishing you all Bright New Year's Blessings!

with deep gratitude,
l i g a - kvk