I'm experimenting ...

... so go easy on me.  Seeing as how I've got this fancy new phone where I can shoot video, I thought it'd be fun to maybe - operative word here "maybe" - start a new video series, "today in the studio."  Okay, so it's my first time doing this and I know I say "um" a lot, which I'll need to work on and I know the image is a wee bit shaky, which I'll also have to work on, but not bad for a first attempt. 

Let me know what you think ... good idea, want to see more, get a tripod so the dern image is not so shaky, anything else you'd like to see ... I'm working up to selfies! 

Okay, I'm going to get back to work on those yummy beads.  And, really, let me know what you think!

l i g a - kvk