braggin' on my ownself...

Of course I'm a total Project Runway addict, have been since the beginning ... and you may remember, about this time last year I collaborated with PR Season 10 runner-up Fabio Costa and his design partner, Rebecca Diele on a jewelry and accessories collection for their NotEqual brand's S/S 2014 runway collection ... even flew out to Portland for the runway show.

So, how thrilled am I to discover while watching the opening credits for Project Runway AllStars Season 4, that Fabio is wearing the necklace I made for him (I made one for Rebecca as well) ... the one's for the collection were bronze with a faux silver finish, Fabio and Rebecca's were the real deal.

Check it out ....

Fabio Costa wearing KVK key necklace

Suh - weet ... I'm having a great weekend already!!!

ttfn ... kvk