moving ... small pleasures, some pain

Getting ready to pack up the studio ... a daunting task. 

studio packing kathy van kleeck

Just as I was going to dive in, I noticed one of my boxes looked like the perfect size for my mondo Excalibur dehydrator.

Joy of joys ... one of the Dell computer boxes Dave scored from work is a perfect fit for my beloved kitchen gizmo.

perfect fit kathy van kleeck

Only thing, when I was pulling the beast out of the cupboard, I pinched the daylights out of my right forearm ... I said, "darn, wish I hadn't done that."

owie kathy van kleeck

This basically sums of the moving process ... lots of small pleasures interspersed with bits of pain.  Departure date T-minus one week and counting.

Deep breaths .................

l i g a - kvk