busy bee me . . .

As I knew it would, the pendulum swung back ... I've been working on all sorts of things and happy to say, totally consumed with inspiration! 

There was the burst of excitement to be invited to a holiday market hosted by my dream account only to have them renege on the invite a week later ... talk about the pendulum swinging ... at least I'm on their radar.

Then I sent off work to a new gallery, 49 Palmetto in Apalachicola.  Exciting connection there as they have the work of Natalie Chanin's partner, sculptor Butch Anthony ... might end up on Natalie Chanin's radar as well ... fingers crossed.  Of course, mostly excited to have more work out in the world!

Then I got accepted into the local indie GLAM Craft Show coming up on December 6th.  I'm excited about doing a bunch of different work for this great little show ... stay tuned for deets!

And even though I'm supposed to be working on inventory for GLAM, I got sidetracked with a blast of inspiration for some new work.  I've had a long standing request by a dedicated client to revisit my Ocean Goddess theme and have had ideas percolating for months.  My Ocean Muse finally came to visit and she brought along her sister the Earth Muse ... which led to this beautiful new piece for Julie ... GAIA.

GAIA ... reminds me of a shaman's hoard ... rustic and lush!

GAIA ... reminds me of a shaman's hoard ... rustic and lush!

I thought I was going to get back to what I was supposed to be doing and then the ideas for a couple more new pieces just wouldn't wait ...

I've had both the sterling silver disc links and faceted mica chunks for ages and finally put them to good use ... Midnight Lynx

And then I pulled out this fabulous fine silver disc and my stash of lapis and the Desert Goddess Cairn was born ...

I just had to share all the goings on ... but now I really do need to get back to work!

with deep gratitude - kvk