waiting . . .

The last few days have been an emotional roller coaster . . . our closing was going to be this past Monday, then on Thursday the 8th we found out the seller had a big issue that needed to be resolved before we could close . . . closing would be Wednesday.  Plus I worried, was this a deal breaker?  Dave was out of town, I was not happy.  And then well, not so fast . . . issue is with the City and that involves politics and bureaucracy . . so not closing today.  Negotiations went on into last evening and it appears that all will be resolved today . . . closing is very likely for tomorrow . . . we'll see.  For now, I've cancelled the U-haul truck and cable co. appointment.  The power got switched over to us on Tuesday, but I just left it.  Our mail's already going to the new address.  My brother's on hold as to when to come over and help.

So here I am . . . waiting.  I've packed pretty much all I can pack for now.   I thought about going down to Ocala to check out some antique malls in search of a mid-century modern dining set and sofa, but my phone is charging and I feel like it would be better to stick around . . . just in case. 

So what's an antsy girl that wants to stay productive to do?  Why learn French!  Well maybe check out a new-to-me free online site to maybe get started on furthering my miniscule grasp of the French language.  We've been following French Word-A-Day for years - well, Dave's been following it regularly, me not so much.  This morning Dave sent me the link for the current post on tips for learning French.  Turns out the guest writer had a link for this cool free site, Memrise.  It looks like you can learn all sorts of things on the site, but I went straight for the French lessons.  So far so good . . . plus it's got an android app . . . it's a start.

So now that my brain has been fried a bit with French lessons, I thought I'd take a break to ponder all the things on my to-do list when we get settled into the new digs - there's a bunch!  In the new house, there's going to be a lot going on! 

I can't wait to:

  • get an indigo vat going
  • set up continuous kombucha brewing
  • get back to regular juicing
  • set up a compost bin (great for all that pulp and extra scobies)
  • start working on essential oil blends
  • use those blends in beeswax candles

And then there's the studio projects:

  • look for a bigger kiln to fire real pots
  • try out this new concrete from Robert Dancik 
  • try out some epoxy putty, maybe this stuff, maybe something else . . . more research will be needed
  • finally use that eco-resin, dyes and molds I bought awhile back
  • set up a better area for cutting and sewing (that's where a new dining table will come in handy)
  • expand the range of this blog . . . begin exploring our new neighborhood, especially the Loblolly Woods trails and walks and documenting it through pics and writing
  • begin collecting material for eco-dyeing projects to be used in combination with indigo
  • start planning a dye garden and collecting materials to set up a proper dyeing space
  • set up an area for pit firing pots in the back yard . . . found a super cool rusted out tank that will make a great container. Just keeping my fingers crossed it's still at the Repurpose Project when I go back.  Taking a chance, but there's no place in the apartment to keep it until we move.
  • and of course there's plenty of jewelry ideas swirling around in my head . . . all kinds of ideas!

The thing about this move, I'm finally going to be able to do all the things I've been wanting to do for the last six years.  Our house in Asheville was not a "muck it up" house, it was a "pretty" house with fancy wood floors and not much counter space.  The yard was steep, virtually no flat areas at all. 

Our "new" house is just a couple years younger than me and, like me, well broken in, mid-century modern through and through!  Now I'm going to have lots of flat concrete areas, a laundry room with this super cool vintage sink . . .

laundry room sink

A nice covered carport . . .

covered carport

and a back patio area . . .

back yard

btw - all the stuff in and around the house belongs to the previous owner ... 'cause we haven't closed on the house!

Okay, so that's all I can think of right now as my brain is even more fried.  Thinking I might do something radical and not do anything!  Or maybe I'll make a fresh cup of tea and read, now that would be really radical!  Whatever I end up doing for the rest of the day, the bottom line is I'm still . . . waiting.

deep breaths

with deep gratitude - kvk