blast off . . .

The Urban Primitive Core collection is finished. 

The logo has been tweaked.  Initial photos have been taken and I've set in on transforming the home page along with bits of the rest of the site.  I am exceptionally pleased with the work . . . the jewelry photos, well . . . let's just say that they're a work in progress.  I do love the inspirational landscape images and will keep those for sure.  But the jewelry pics . . . not sure what's going on.  My new camera that I was so thrilled to get with Christmas money, seems to be having close-up focus issues . . . enormously frustrating.  I'm working on troubleshooting to see if I can tell what conditions provide perfectly focused images - it's a digital camera with auto focus . . . there shouldn't be any issues!  My main worry is that it has something to do with the camera being refurbished.  I do have a one year warranty, so I need to get cracking and figure out if it's just me or if it really is the camera.  We'll see . . .

I've been having a grand time taking the inspiration shots and the landscape photos are all nicely focused.  I've taken a lot of pics of my concrete carport and had a glorious walk along Hogtown Creek taking a bunch more.  Then I've been "shopping" them in Picasa.  Normally I use Photoshop Elements, but the Picasa filters are giving me some pretty cool results. 

My current favorite . . .

urban primitive landscape inspiration kathy van kleeck

Although I'm pretty fond of this one as well . . .

urban primitive landscape inspiration kathy van kleeck

My next big project is taking catalog/shop pics of the jewelry.  Those are the straightforward, informational type photos.  Really need the focus issue figured out . . . soon!  Then it's on to pricing everything.  I like to have the pics on hand for that phase . . . visual aids and all that.  Then it's on to loading all that onto the website and reinstating my online store . . . oh and don't forget the print catalog! 

We'll see how it goes with approaching potential wholesale accounts.  I had it in my head that the major trade shows were mid-August and was gearing my efforts to having everything ready before the west coast shows.  Well, turns out some of them are mid-August (NY Now), but the San Francisco Gift Show (where most of my previous accounts shop) was the last weekend of July . . . rats!  I kind of eased up my momentum after I discovered that little missed detail. 

That could have squelched my momentum altogether, but I'm just continuing with my original plan, trusting that I'll be guided towards my next right actions.

For now, you can see all the new necklaces in the slideshow on the home page . . . let me know what you think!


with deep gratitude - kvk