spring cleaning ---> spring renewal

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I'm finally settling into my new way of being ... well sort of ... it's a process. 

I'm getting pretty itchy to start moving forward on my growing list of plans, but I've been distracted now that all the jewelry that had been in galleries is finally back home.  My initial urge was to dive in and dismantle everything.  I should mention, or you may already know, that taking things apart and reusing the bits and bobs is one of my favorite things to do ... I just love shredding and cutting and ripping and breaking and sorting and clearing things out.  There's something enormously satisfying about taking something apart and reusing it in a fresh new way ... my version of the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle).

But I got to thinking that maybe I should step back, take a deep breath and not be as rash as normal ... I mean, really, this is my new paradigm.  There is no rush.  This was made especially clear after the message I got this morning during my "free writing" session*.  "It is a joyous process, not a fast one."  That pretty much clenched it.

Which leads me to today's post ... I'm doing one more sale ... a spring cleaning 30% off sale!  I've got a lot of yummy jewels and accessories for the home in my shops.  The discount code is spring30.  It seems appropriate that the Spring Cleaning sale should run through the New Moon, March 28th,midnight PST.

After the sale ends, I've got lots of new things in the works.  There are stories to be told, inspiration and resources to share.  I've got 3 perfume oil blends aging as we speak.  I've got clay drying to carve new stamps for Talismans and Medallions.  I've got plans for some super cool T-shirts and scarves and, wellllll ... I've got lots of plans.

I'm overflowing with delicious anticipation for all that awaits - spring renewal is just ahead!  I hope you'll stay tuned ... 

Enjoy shopping and don't forget to enter your discount code, spring30, at checkout!

with deep gratitude for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for my work - kvk

* part of my new paradigm is a practice inspired by Chapter 8 of Gabby Bernstein's new book, "The Universe Has Your Back"