crafting the palette of a soul

palette of the soul kathy van kleeck.jpg

You may have noticed … I’ve been on an extended break from the studio.  This last year has been a supreme challenge, each day exploring the new normal since my nephew’s passing.  It’s been numbing and a roller coaster of emotions.  I’m amazed that beautiful work was made and shared, but my Muse has been in a deep winter slumber.  Just so I didn’t fall completely off the radar or Google, I have popped onto social media with random bits and bobs, but have actively avoided my worktable, filled with a strong aversion to the notion of creating much of anything.  Thing is, I have a busy schedule ahead, traveling for trunk shows and teaching workshops.  Thankfully, spring is just around the corner and I am beginning to feel an urge to return to making.  

As I get ready to head back to work, I’m seeing so clearly that my working M.O. needs to be different.  How I present my work, how I engage with the interweb and my goals therein needs to be reviewed.  Marketing people say, be the one who knows … be a total bad-ass … you can rock this sh*t … be this, be that, show up and shout it from the rooftops … blah blah blah.

As a maker and a business person, it’s easy to get sucked into listening and following and being tempted, because they’ve got all these followers and clients and monster incomes and, wow, maybe that’s what I need to do, maybe that’s the true way of things.  So, I’ll sign up for the free webinar, get the newsletters, listen to the pitch for the limited time only super deal for their course that will absolutely without a doubt change your life or your business or you.

It’s all so seductive, a dizzying blend of substance swirling in a cloud of smoke and mirrors that just feels bad and confusing and in my face.  That’s when my truth, my way of being wakes up and says, wo girl … slow down, step away from the webinars and disengage and . . . repeat. 

Turns out, I may actually be on the verge of breaking this annoying cycle, because I may be, once and for all, accepting that I really don’t want to be the one who knows, I definitely don’t want to be a total bad-ass and I am really okay that I don’t want to rock anybody’s sh*t or scream and holler about how wonderful I am from the highest rooftops.   

Here’s what I do know … I want to move through the world with a gentle progression, with gratitude and ease.  With my eyes closed, I will walk this path, stride purposefully and achieve my destination, without hesitation or faltering, moving forward, breathing deep, guided by my heart.

I know my gift for making lies in being able to tap into a place that has no words, just breath, an emotional pulse and light.  I have seen that this work has an underlying and subtle magic.  What I do want is to get to a place where I am able to access that magic more readily and consistently. I want my connection to spirit to grow deeper and more meaningful.  I am exploring what that means … long meditations and asking for guidance will surely follow.  

Moving forward, I know the breadth of my work is expanding and time will tell how that is expressed.  The intention behind everything will be unchanged … to uplift and inspire, to tap into the deeper knowing of our hearts, by engaging as many of our senses as possible.

Moving forward, I hope you will recognize pieces that are essential elements to the palette of your soul … pieces that will help you find your center, awaken and soar!

With blessings and deep gratitude …