enormously precious

Okay - so I'm s'posed to be getting the rest of the new work onto Etsy but I keep getting distracted - stuff back to the library, groceries, catching up on replying to comments on this here blog (finally, yes!).  So for my next distraction I'm choosing to post a bit of silliness ....

My darling Zoe - this 'little' girl sure does love peanut butter.  Hard to do - holding the camera and the knife and trying not to move and getting Zoe all in the frame - there's a lot of her to get in the frame (I'm thinking she weighs in at about 16 pounds).

Yep, she's pretty cute.
Okay, I really do need to do something productive.
ttfn - kvk

p.s. anybody seen Men Who Stare at Goats - my new favorite movie.  Amazing thing - really funny movie and a good part of it is true.