the quest continues

To everyone that's offered support and suggestions regarding my silk dilemma - Thank you so very much!  I'm finding the Gudebrod silk here and there, but I know the quantities are dwindling.  I'm leaning towards Japanese embroidery silk found here (thank you Hillary!).  It's more expensive, but the most important thing is the look and feel is perfect .  I'm still on the hunt for cord/plying material.  After 3 days of Google and Ebay searching, I can feel my eyes crossing and my backside broadening.  I've got emails in to several suppliers (China and India) for product details.  I'm definitely keeping an open mind along with staying positive, knowing amidst all of the fretting and worrying and jaw clenching and stomach knots, lurks great opportunity.

Today's horoscope ....
 Your head may be quite muddled due to the influx of different ideas on how to proceed, dear Sagittarius. You are uncertain, and it is hard for you to come to any concrete solution or standpoint. Do not pressure yourself into coming to an answer that does not flow naturally. You may be feeling outside pressure to settle down in one way or another. Don't feel like you have to live according to someone else's rules. Follow your own.

Seems like good advice.  The quest continues .........

blessings - kvk
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