forward progress

Well progress is being made and I'm pretty sure this is the home stretch - lord I hope it's the home stretch.  I've had my head down, plowing forward for so long ... when I do look up or take a break I get a bit wobbly.  That's the big problem when I get in this mode - driven and obsessed.  I've taken virtually no 'me' time ... no yoga, no meditation, lunch out here and there, the grocery store or maybe the library.  Time off is pretty much fixing dinner and watching a movie at night.  I actually made a quick dash to the gem show yesterday.  I think I was there for maybe 45 minutes and that included stopping to chat with a friend.  It was worth the trip as I found pearls in the size and colors I've been using with large holes already drilled - PERFECT!  And great timing, as today's tasks include pricing all the new work ... going to be an interesting undertaking as the price of silver is about a third more than the last time I figured my pricing.  I'm thinking it will be prudent to strike a compromise in there somewhere ... pricing is always such a challenge.

This is how my days have been starting -  the first of three ...

This morning I actually took time to make some fresh juice.  My body was craving the extra boost and I do love looking at the layers of color and texture.  Celery first, then beet, then carrot, which leaves a lovely 'crema' on top.

So, the pictures have been shot and shopped.  That's 3 month's work on those velvet boards.  BTW - I hate velvet boards, but it's what the reps like to use ... boring beyond belief, but what's a girl to do.

And the catalog layout is progressing ...

And in the 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' category - I'm loaded up on silk.  It feels like a small fortune sitting here.  Definitely true in relation to time spent, but also true in dollars spent in the search and final decisions.

This little post is falling into the 'me time' category and, as I look down at the time, I'm starting to feel itchy.  Time to get back to it. 
Onward ....................

blessings - kvk
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