liminal ...

... of or relating to a sensory threshold;  of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition
I think it started last night after reading Lynne's post about those small-eyed boys slipping between dimensions ... the return of a particular awareness, the subtle knowing that we have the ability to travel between plains of existence.  The feeling remained this morning.  When this awareness takes hold, it leads to shutting off the outside world, turning off phones, putting on music that facilitates this tangible need for deep introspection.  It's such a strange feeling, hyper aware, my skin almost tingling, a delicious sense of anticipation resting on my shoulders.  I squeeze through the opening and listen for clues of where to go, what to do, cherishing my time here for I know it is fleeting.
I'm wondering if taking the time to write this down will snap me back to my normal operating mode.  
Not yet ... better stop now.   
Kathy Van Kleeck1 Comment