sneak peek

While riding my emotional pendulum, I've actually been getting a fair amount of work done.  Wholesale orders, special orders, repairs and best of all ... NEW WORK!  And the really incredible thing is, I'm actually going to list some pieces on Etsy tomorrow.  Kind of a Ripley's Believe It or Not moment.

So I've decided to post a sneak peek of two seriously wonderful new pieces.
You've seen the focal point of this first piece ... I finally figured out what to do with the jeweled pendant I showed you way back in January in this post.  I came up with the bail idea and then that assembly's been sitting on my worktable waiting for inspiration.  I spent most of yesterday afternoon playing around with all sorts of combinations and then it all finally fell together in splendid fashion.

I love all the details ... the leather strap handcut and glued, silk wraps, the button closure - I forged a pmc pebble flat, then attached a KVK button with a tube rivet, and those jumbo pearls are the most delicious color that picks up all the colors of the tunduru sapphires in the pendant and bail.  Actually, I'm going to reshoot this since the gemstone colors don't show up very well, but you get the general idea.

The other necklace in our sneak peek is a humdinger!  I finally got back out to the Arboretum last week and pulled off at Bent Creek to gather a few quartz pebbles.  I brought them home, chucked them in the tumbler for a couple of days to clean them up, drilled some holes and followed my nose from there on out.

The little jeweled drop is set with some of the new Songea sapphires I found on Ebay.  The colors are perfect with the quartz.  And then there's the retrofitted links that are just an excellent counterpoint to the rough stones.  Everything's strung on my own dark espresso silk cord.  Very very yummy!

There'll be more jeweled treasures to come as my mondo cache (1300 carats) of rubies and sapphires finally arrived from Thailand.  And good golly do I love this stuff - basically gemstone gravel.

I've got another 500 carats of white sapphires coming and a bid in on 500 carats of peridot.  One hopes that will hold me for awhile.  I've also got some of the new PMC Pro coming and I'm really excited about seeing what it will do.  I'm thinking I'll be back in the ring business pretty soon.

Rightio!  So that's it for now.  Look for at least four new pieces in my Etsy shop tomorrow afternoon.
ttfn along with happy blessings ('cause Django Rhinehardt's playing on Pandora) - kvk