the third millennium light brigade

So I came up with the Third Millennium Light Brigade idea on Friday. 
Then after posting a response to a comment on seeking recruits , it seemed like it deserves a post of its own ...
I think we've got some potential here.  If nothing else, we've got a conversation going  ... our thoughts and words have enormous power. 

My original comment, "I'm working on figuring out what the Third Millennium Light Brigade would like to be. I'm thinking it's about choosing positive over mean spirited, celebrating good work and efforts in every part of our lives, the golden rule and viral gratitude - then sharing this passion and spreading the word.

What is isn't - is fighting against anything. "What you resist persists" or in Borg speak, "resistance is futile". Celebrating and uplifting, moving lovingly forward guided by our hearts - yes, absolutely.

Defining a thing is very limiting and so I think it's also going to be a user defined interface; an exact description will prove next to impossible.  So far (since last Wednesday anyway), it seems like a good addition to my mindfulness toolbox.  If I'm putting this out there for everyone to see, it will help keep me 'honest' and maybe less likely to succumb to the dark side.  It's having an effect already.  I don't watch much regular TV, but I'm a lot less interested in watching Jon Stewart, I'm watching my words and thoughts more and looking for ways to make my life more congruent, having a smile at the ready and if I don't give money to the buskers, I send them a silent blessing and wish them well.  Oh yes ... joyous anticipation, I want to look forward to each day with joyous anticipation.  Not a polly anna approach to life, but acknowledging and embracing the ebb and flow, the good and bad.

That's where I am right now. 
It feels pretty good.
Any thoughts?
You know, inquiring minds and all that ....

with deep gratitude and blessings - kvk