pondering a couple of "r" words

The first "r" word that's had a hold of me is resistance.  I've been considering it in the context of fear ... what am I afraid of, what do I resist, what makes my breath catch, what makes me want to curl into a small wretched ball?  I'm trying to see the big things and, with just as much determination, looking for the small ones.  I've bought two books by Steven Pressfield about resistance and doing the work it takes to push through that insidious barrier.  Insidious feels like a very strong word, but at this point in my journey, it feels like the right word.  I'm feeling a delicious resolve ... another good "r" word.  You know me and my visuals ... the one that comes to mind right now is, I've been slogging through thick mud for an eternity, I've just had a bit of a rest and am re-engaging with renewed vigor, anticipation and enthusiasm.  The mud seems to be thinning and I'm making progress, moving forward, excitement building.

The other big "r" word I just came across this morning and haven't had time to explore - reconciliation.  Turns out there's an astrological thing happening right now that I read about here, "Towards Reconciliation: Taurus New Moon."  What hit me straight away, for me right now at this moment in time, it's not about reconciliation with another person, but with a part of myself.  I want to re-read this blog post and do some more pondering.   

What I'm also noticing right this very moment, I've got a slew of things to do today and I'm watching the clock as I write this and thinking, "girl, you better get busy doing what you're s'posed to be doing!"  Thing is, this felt important.  So I'm just going with it.

Must say, I do like starting my day with good words to ponder.  Kind of puts a theme to the day, a bit more purpose added to my intentions.

Do you have words that drive or motivate you?
Do you have recurring themes in your lives?
Are there words that feel enormously important, but are like mercury, almost impossible to hold onto?
What's popping up on your radar? 
What feels absolutely necessary - right now?

blessings - kvk 

p.s.  the digital edition of Pressfield's new book, Do the Work is FREE on Amazon  - how cool is that?