heaven awaits ... on two fronts

Okay, so I've got lots of other things to share and so much to do and and and ....
But I just had to post this - found over at Varietist Muse, my first time there and really love his blog and will go back for more visits - but the point of all this is Zoe Keating - "avant cello" extraordinaire, plus she's just amazing to watch.

Getting ready to download whatever I can ... heaven awaits.

I'll be back with updates and my new and very exciting sterling silver pmc pieces - going in the kiln after this and I can't wait - they're very thin components and I'm dying to see how strong the sterling metal clay really is.
Wow I love finding new music and new artists and experimenting with new jewelry ideas - cost of silver be damned!
and and and ... can you tell I'm excited?

off to download new tunes.
with much gratitude and many blessings - kvk

p.s.  here's an interview - lush