once upon a time .........

Ready for your afternoon chuckle?
I found a bit of treasure while at my brother's house last week ... thought I'd share.  It's pretty amazing what can happen in 3 years.  Case in point:

KVK @ 13 - scary, very very scary ... scary glasses, scary hair, my vaccination still a large scar.  Dave commented when he first saw this picture, "well at least you grew into your nose."  Thanks dear.

and 3 years later ... KVK @ 16.  My big brother and me - January 1972.  Clowning around and being enormously silly.
Funny what 3 years, new glasses and a couple bottles of Sun-In will do for a girl!

Okay, that's it for reminiscing.
I've been a busy girl today - fired sterling pmc is in the tumbler, new fine silver pmc Talisman Medallions are in the kiln, fast-fire bronze versions in the works.  
More show and tell in the next day or so.

blessings - kvk