wildly diverse

So far this week I've been kind of all over the place.  There have been massive tweaks to my website and I'm sending out heartfelt thanks to everyone for all the comments (don't forget - the drawing's on Friday).  I'm thinking it's getting pretty close to done ... a relative thing, since I'm always adjusting things.  Of course there are things I'm really supposed to be doing, but my muse has been calling and it seemed rude to ignore her.

My muse has been sending me a variety of inspirations and I've been trying to go with it ... strike while the wildly diverse ideas are flowing.  Over the weekend, I had an Etsy customer ask about some earrings I'd made a couple of years ago.  I always loved those earrings and sold all the pieces in the series, so I thought what the heck - I'll revisit that collection and see where it takes me today.

Current interpretations of my Sea Spray earrings.  They're pretty luxe and very frilly.  I started with a color combination I'm calling Hyacinth - pretty much screams spring time, don't ya think ...

These are a little closer to the original, such soft colors - Pacific Sea Spray ...

These are closer still to the original colors, close, but different ...

I'm going to make more earrings and some necklaces, but my muse sent me off in another, very different direction.

I've had a few bronze discs from my last firing sitting on my table.  I loved the way they looked straight out of the charcoal, kind of mottled and very earthy.  I left them 'as is' - no patina, no tumbler - very raw.  So somewhere in the last few days, I can't remember now, I made a whole bunch more, fired them, added them to the first few, waiting for further inspiration.

Yesterday, it hit and now I've used up the pieces I made, ordered more bronze and I'm about to bust, these are so bloody cool.

I'm still working on this first one.  The quartz pebbles are what got me going.  Only thing, it took about 45 minutes and multiple drill bits to drill these 2 pebbles.  I'm thinking that's not the best use of my time and materials ... dern quartz.  Love the look, though.  I added a jumbo citrine nugget (a gift from Andrew!) and a mondo Basha bead.  I've got sort of an idea of how I want to finish it, but so far the details are eluding me.  I do love the raw bronze with this rugged mix ... it is seriously chunky!

And these little chunky discs ... did I mention I can't wait for my bronze to get here.  They're combined with 3 beach pebbles ... so much easier to drill than quartz.

I thought the first piece was going to be my favorite, but this next one might be winning out.  The wonderful flat slate pebbles are from a special place along the Oconaluftee River that Nina took me a while back ... they're really easy to drill.  It's not finished either.  I need to make some kvk tags and some heavier pebbles for closures.  Waitin' on that bronze .........

But it's not been all ice cream and cake.  Yesterday I fired some steel and most of the pieces didn't sinter - very frustrating.  I need to go back and read through the directions, do some troubleshooting and see what the problem might be - very frustrating, indeed.

Add to the frustrations, my addiction to this computer.  I've been trying to stay off it during the day, but it's not gone well.  Problem is, the only way I can listen to music is through the computer - there it sits and, especially if I'm listening to Pandora, I'm glancing over to see what's playing or to plug in a thumbs up or down.  I'm not giving up, it's just a work in progress - or rather, I'm just a work in progress.

And people may think I'm crazy, but I really have been enjoying working while the windows are open and the breeze is blowing in and the birds are singing like crazy.  I'm sure most everyone else would be outside, but inspiration was flowing and after reading Danielle's daily truth bomb, well like I was saying, it seemed kind of rude to ignore her.

happy spring!

l i g a - kvk

p.s.  comments on the updated website are still very much appreciated, so have at it!