Richie update ...

I am just now exhaling ... as I'm realizing I've been pretty much holding my breath since Wednesday night.  I'm only now returning to normal breathing. 

We had been ready and waiting yesterday for news since about 1pm our time.  When my little brother called yesterday about 3:30 with the good news, we each each let out enormous sighs of relief ... none of us realizing how tightly wound we had become. The release and residual effects are intense.  Getting wound up and now, trying to wind back down.

Richie is doing extremely well ... either getting out of ICU as we speak or tomorrow at the latest.  The doctors are not speculating about what's next, saying they'll just take it one day at a time.  Test results won't be back until later in the week.  Sounds like weaning him off of pain meds will be later in the week as well.  Rick continues to be blown away by his son, his incredible positive attitude, his strength and the ongoing sea of visitors coming to check on him.

As this Thanksgiving weekend winds down and I begin to catch my breath and look back, the last few days have been filled with small miracles and large blessings ...  I'm enormously thankful that my older brother, Gene, was here with us ... so much better that he wasn't on his own in Nashville and so much better that our family was not so spread out.  Dave and my brothers have always been my three pillared support system.  There is such safety with them ... for that I am incredibly thankful.

From what Rick says, the facilities, doctors and staff responsible for Richie's care have been incomparable.  We're still amazed at how lenient they've been with visitation, allowing him to have his instruments in his room, and holding his impromptu performance from his ICU bed the night before his surgery ... effects of medication making him giggle when he'd forget the words to one of his own songs.

And of course, I am deeply thankful for each of your readers, your good wishes and prayers.
sending love and light filled blessings ..........
l i g a - kvk