YES !!!

Rick just called ... "everything went as well as it possibly could!"

Richie is back in his room, answering all the questions correctly, moving all limbs and digits and even remembered to wish his mom a happy birthday.  I'm thinking Veronica just got the best birthday present imaginable.

So some amazing, serendipitous things about all this ...

They live in Dallas ... The hospital where Richie just had his surgery is one of the top neurological hospitals anywhere. 
The ICU is for brain patients only, so everyone on staff is extremely knowledgeable and patient. 
Turns out his surgeon is one of the top brain surgeons anywhere ... people come from around the world just for him.
Last night, after he had his dreads cut off, Richie held a little concert in his room.  The hospital allowed him to have his violin and guitar in the room and Richie serenaded 15 or 20 people in his room with his own compositions - the i.v. only got in the way a little.  This is an 18 year old kid facing a 5 to 6 hour brain surgery the next morning.   

Pretty much blows me away.  Rick said he just sat there utterly amazed.

What's next ... they don't know.  It will probably be tomorrow before they know anything else. 

Lots of repeated sighs of relief are being heard ......... Thanks to everyone for including us in your thoughts and prayers ... I'll keep you posted.

with deep gratitude and heartfelt blessings
l i g a - kvk