horn tooting

Okay, so I'm going to cave and do some horn tooting ... just 'cause it's so bloody cool!

A while back I got to be FB friends with Project Runway Season 10 designer and runner up, Fabio Costa.  We had a bit of an online chat, admiring each others work, liking each others 'pages' (mine and Fabio's) and talking about processes and materials.  And that was it ... after all, he's a busy young man.  Then in January, he emailed me and asked if I made my cube beads ring size.  Well, I hadn't, but for him I certainly could and would. Figuring size was the funny part ... me, "what size ring do you wear?"  Fabio, "don't know, but a regular key ring fits just right."  So I set out looking around the house for a "regular" key ring.  This is where my intuition kicked in.  I found one that felt like the right size and went with that.

Then I started to cost it out and got to thinking.  Here's a guy that made it all the way through Project Runway and came in second (he really should have won!) with such a gentle nature and beautiful spirit, never smarmy or mean, always holding to his alternative aesthetic ... a real inspiration.  I decided the ring would be a gift and my way of thanking him for the inspiration.

So I had sterling metal clay on hand and I still have the old ceramic ring sizers from original PMC days.  I figured the key ring for a size 12, made up the ring and then fired it ... only thing, carbon got between the ring and the sizer and the ring didn't shrink enough ... phooey.  So I made another one.  This time I made a little stainless steel mesh cage for the ring ... success!

Since I had both rings, I figured, what the heck, I'll send them both.  I strung the bigger one onto some linen cord with a couple of pebbles, figuring he could give it away or wear it or something.  Turns out, he's wearing them together and they look amazing.  I know this by watching this cool little film from Lord & Taylor.  Check it out ...

Pretty exciting for this little peep.  Of course, I'm thinking I need to make more!  I'm just so excited, I'm all tingly and about to bust.  Now it's time to take deep breaths and channel this great energy into my work.

And, on a related note, it would be lovely if you would consider backing Fabio's Kickstarter campaign.  He and his partner are doing some really interesting work and it's such a good feeling to support creative and truly innovative designers.

So that's it for horn tooting right now.
BTW - thanks for the lovely welcome back comments!  Feelin' the love and flyin' high!

l i g a - kvk

p.s.  love my horoscope for today ... how perfect is this?
"Your career is about to take a turn for the better, Sagittarius. New professional possibilities may come your way today. Be receptive to any invitations or offers. Your advancement may not come in the most traditional way, so you need to pay close attention. Don't overlook something that seems beyond your capabilities. Your reach should always exceed your grasp. Stretch!"