So of course, being all inspired with Fabio totally rockin' my rings in his Lord & Taylor video ... I had to make a couple more to share.  I'm seriously loving these.  And what with sterling metal clay being so much stronger than the fine silver version, I'm pretty sure I'll be making more rings.  They've been on my to-do list since the s/s version first came out ... just took some nudging to get to it.

I'm starting off with these two.  A wide band - pretty close to the same width as Fabio's.  
This one's about 3/8" wide ...

And a narrow band - this one's about 1/4".  They're both size 7.5.

And they look great stacked together ...

And they're both now listed in my Etsy shop.  In case you're wondering ... I'd be keeping these for my ownself if I hadn't made them just a wee bit too big.  Gots to make more, some to keep, some to share - might work on that tomorrow.

Fell off the vegan wagon yesterday and got takeout pizza - pepperoni and pineapple.  Figured if we're going to fall off, might as well go for the gusto.  Off to heat up the other half!

l i g a - kvk