healing journey

We got back from Dallas on Tuesday afternoon ... over 30 hours on the road and only two and a half days there ... but worth every mile and minute.  To watch my 87 year old Mom dancing with Richie pretty much sums up the intense love and joy that was being shared.

It's not easy watching my nephew, so many conflicting things work me over.  Richie talks easily and openly about his healing journey.  He's never alone, family or friends are always with him ... just in case.  The whole family has alarms on their phones for his various medication times.  For each dosage, Richie and his mom pause and pray ... a beautiful thing to watch.  His energy and positive outlook is awe inspiring.  But I contrast that with seeing the effects of the steroids in his face.  It's reassuring to see his hair growing back, the scar on his head not visible.   It's a challenge to sort it all out.

I'm ever so grateful that I got to soak up a good dose of Richie energy to sustain and bolster my faith as this extraordinary young man continues his journey ... thing is, we're a long way from being done. I know this trip was healing for the rest of us, my older brother and sister, spouses and my mom, who've been following from a distance.

It's all about family and I'm feeling blessed and open and inspired ...
l i g a - kvk