morning ponderings

Been thinking about craft and tradition.  I acquired, much if not most, of my current aesthetic from my pottery teachers.  It was earthen clay that showed me the way to elegant simplicity, understated beauty and the utter joy of the imperfect ... wabi-sabi.  In my mind, clay and making pots, whether thrown or pinched or slab or whatever, is closely associated with the tradition of Zen meditation.  In keeping with that tradition, my most influential teachers had a quiet assurance, effortless movements and a willingness to share everything.  I am so blessed to have had these teachers ... Kathryn Roe, Daniel Rhodes, Vivika and Otto Heino

In clay, I had teachers and mentors ... in jewelry not so much.  Maybe because I haven't attended any schools or taken classes ... I am self taught.  I exist, day in and day out, in my own little bubble ... relative isolation.  Granted, I live in a city, in a neighborhood, with all the noise and hubbub that goes with it; Target and Home Depot are a five minute drive from my house.  But when it comes to my work, I have no teachers, I have no role models or mentors.  Maybe that's why I struggle so much with my place in the world of adornment ... why I so often feel lost.

I've always been a follower.  Being at the head of the pack is uncomfortable, accepting recognition for my work and contributions makes me squirm.  But I keep coming back to that Ghandi quote, "be the change you wish to see in the world."  So as I peruse all the pieces of my dismantled engine and work on the slow process of reassembly, I'd like to look for ways to celebrate and uplift my clay tradition in connection to my jewelry.  I know I already do that to a great degree ... but it's been unconscious and now I'd like to move it more to the front ... shine a light ... conscious integration.   

There's a lot of people making spirit infused jewelry ... I would love for there to be a more visible platform to celebrate and connect this work ... must look for the connections. 

Hmmmm, kind of losing the thread for now ... further pondering needed.

l i g a - kvk