Woke this morning feeling an urge to write, to share stories and tales, to reflect on the last few months and envision my path forward.

Woke with the awareness that I've got a 10am appointment to see a house ... maybe THE house ... maybe.  Will it be our house?  I'm extremely hopeful, but will not force it.

But so far, with my mug of tea, I've watched and read assorted astrology reports and done a bit of perusing on Pinterest ... distractions for sure, but okay ... not judging or critiquing, just being.

Finally, I stopped and came here to sort out a few thoughts.

It occurs to me that what I want most in finding our new house is to be in a place where I can relax and breathe and just be ... without the jarring noise of upstairs neighbors clomping overhead, next door neighbors starting thumping disco music every night just as I turn out the lights, incessant traffic and weekly lawn guys that go at their job with what feels like brutal efficiency.  I marvel at people that can meditate and do their yoga practice, or just live and work amidst the roar of city life.  I crave quiet and it's been missing from my life for these last six months.

Six months ... we've been in Gainesville for six months.  It's certainly been a roller coaster of a transition and we're not done yet.  With finding a house, we'll once again be thrown into upheaval and transition ... very much a yin / yang proposition. 

But now I'm watching the clock tick and it's time to get ready for that 10 o'clock appointment.  Maybe it will be the right place, maybe it will be our new home, maybe. 

l i g a - kvk