thoughts on adornment + some big news

In the last several months of adjusting to our new locale, I have been known to spend way too much time cruising the interweb, lost in scrolling endlessly through Pinterest, dazed by all the bizarre goings on of Facebook or hours driving around potential neighborhoods or trying different combinations of searches on real estate sites  and craigslist even though I know there aren't any new listings.  Worse, when left alone too long with my own meandering thoughts, there are times I wonder at the possible or impossible relevance of what I do for a living.

kvk talisman

But then I smile, take a deep breath, reach down to clutch my talisman to my heart and offer a prayer of gratitude for the miraculous gift of being a maker and the even greater gift of sharing my work with an amazing community of like-hearted individuals . . . a glorious gift that is never, not for one minute, taken for granted.

Thankfully, not all my time has been lost down those online rabbit holes . . . I continue to make, creating the variety of pieces you see on this site.  But I've also been pondering a way to celebrate the wonderful community that supports my work.  Here's what I'm thinking . . .

My talisman is pretty much my "go-to" piece.  I wear it every day and on those occasions when I get dressed up and decide to wear one of my spiffy pieces . . . well, it feels strange. 

What I've come to know, I'm not alone in how I feel about my jewelry.  The jewelry we choose to wear is an outward expression of our inner selves. It speaks to who we are and how we perceive ourselves.  I believe that, as much or maybe even more than clothing, our jewelry shows our values and our concerns as well as our aesthetics.  

Our jewels can feel like our armor and, like my talisman, can offer a sense of protection and give us strength.  They can make us smile and feel precious and when received as gifts, feel loved and special.

microscopic grains of sand from Maui

microscopic grains of sand from Maui

Sometimes I wonder how women feel if they see someone else wearing a similar piece.  For instance in Port Townsend, WA, a small town where we lived for 5 years, there's practically a whole tribe of women with versions of my coin necklace.  But what I realized is that, while on the surface there are similarities, like grains of sand or snowflakes, each necklace and the way that each woman wears it, is unique.   

Okay, you're wondering where is all this pontificating leading and what's the "big news?"  As I was saying before, I want to recognize and celebrate the community of individuals that own and wear KVK jewels.  To that end, I've just set up a "community" page on this site.  I know this is a passionate and articulate bunch and I want to hear your stories, your inspirations, your thoughts about your favorite KVK piece or pieces.  I also want images!  My intention is to use this page to bring us all together, to meet and connect with, what I'm thrilled to say is, a global community. 

I've been wondering if that's a lot to ask.  Dave and I talked about what sort of gift or incentive I could offer.  I started out thinking I'd do a monthly drawing and then I got to thinking that just felt exclusive rather than inclusive, doling out little bits of gratitude.  I want this to be a celebration, exuberant, joyous . . . a big ol' YaHoo and Thank You!

So here's the really fun part . . . Everyone that submits a story and a photo will receive a $40 Gift Certificate to this site!  That's an all inclusive, no deadline, no caveats, EVERYONE.  The Community page will certainly evolve as to how I'll format and present the stories, but my goal is to have each and every member of our community on the page.

 Write a paragraph or two and include a photo of yourself wearing your favorite piece or pieces and send it to kvankleeck(at)earthlink(dot)net.  Make sure your email is not hidden so's I can send your gift certificate code.

I can't wait to see what comes my way.  Hopefully, it will be a Pandora's box of joy and inspiration.  Click on the Community page and lets get started!

with the deepest gratitude and light filled blessings . . .

l i g a - kvk