"open your heart to love"

meditation and monster crystal grid layout

meditation and monster crystal grid layout

I am on an amazing path, sometimes it feels like a bullet train, sometimes I think I'm borderline crazy, sometimes it scares the bejeezus out of me ... lately, and more often then not, it's beyond extraordinary.

Not every morning, but at least a few times a week, I set up my beautiful root chakra crystal singing bowl, my crystals and sage for a grounding meditation.  This morning's meditation, followed by drawing some oracle cards, was one of a growing number of very special moments that are bringing me clarity and release and a sense of peace.

I start off with sage, then get the bowl really singing ... it's super intense and I'm finally getting to where it doesn't freak me out so much ... then I sit, breathe and be as open as I can.  I'm not going in with great expectations of receiving the secrets of the universe, just being open to what, if anything, comes.

When I 'know' it's time to open my eyes, I close the meditation with more sage and the singing bowl.  Then I pull out my new set of Oracle cards, the Ascended Masters deck by Doreen Virtue.  I am absolutely in love with these cards.  They are super simple to understand and straight to the point without those layers of symbolism it takes years to master.

Ascended Master Oracle Cards, Jesus

Ascended Master Oracle Cards, Jesus

This morning I was working on letting go of judgement and envy.  I've got a couple of people in my life that are major triggers and I really want to let that go ... be done and move on.  Early in the meditation, I visualized my heart opening up, bursting wide open and filling with light.  Almost immediately I was overcome by the knowing that if all is love, there is no judgement.  If all is love, there is no envy.  I started crying, which turned into gentle sobs of release.  Then my crying subsided, my breath slowed and I was able to sit for a while longer and test out this new place ... a place without judgement or envy. 

Then I closed the meditation, took out my Oracle Cards, shuffled the deck and picked out 3 cards to start.  BTW, I don't do any layout, just draw cards as I feel compelled, usually 6 or 7. 

The first card about bowled me over ... "Open Your Heart to Love" ... talk about confirmation from the Universe!  

Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, White Buffalo Calf Woman

Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, White Buffalo Calf Woman

I'm always hearing "be love", "stay heart-centered," I even use that in my own bio, "I am a heart-centered maker."  Well, mostly.  I had yet to let go of those lingering judgemental and envious tendencies.  The thing is, while I've been working really hard over the last few years to ditch my hard headed, intellectual ways, it's only just now feeling like maybe I really am becoming 'heart-centered' ... maybe the last vestiges of that old self are finally melting away.  This morning's awareness sure felt different.

So a few more cards followed and then I always ask for one final nugget or theme to carry into my day.  The last card was equally impressive ... "Peace Offering" ...  it's message is one of forgiveness and making amends. I couldn't have scripted anything more perfect! 

Now, I'm not saying that those annoying tendencies are completely gone, but I'm feeling pretty darn good and definitely lighter.  It's all very exciting and maybe not quite as scary!

One more thing I want to share ...

healers prayer from Jerry Wills.jpg

While working on some P4R medallions, I was watching a program on Gaia, an interview with Jerry Wills on Open Minds with Regina Meredith , ... a very interesting man.  If you don't subscribe to Gaia, you should be able to use that link to watch the program for the next 48 hours.  After watching the episode (really excellent), I went to his site and found his Healers Prayer.  I made up this little image and am going to print it out and memorize it ... seems like a perfect way of opening my heart to love.

with deep gratitude ...