finally ...

Hallelujah and praise be ... I finally seem to be waking up a bit.  The lung crud that's had hold of me since that first devastating trip to Dallas is finally letting go.  I'm finally taking new photos of new things and updating my website, you'll notice my new rusted steel backgrounds.  I'm really pleased with how these images turned out.  My muse is making sporadic appearances, but at this point, I'm incredibly thankful for any visitations at all, how short or how small is of no consequence.

I've finally bottled up the new fragrances that have been resting for months ... there are FIVE new ones

intuitive perfume oils kathy van kleeck

I've updated my Talismans page with a new Lemurian Quartz pendant and new 'cover' images and moved some things around.

angelic realm talismans

... and added the Indigo Dyed Linen and Leather Wrap bracelets to the mix ... now there are three!

indigo wrap bracelets.JPG

Not sure what's next, but considering how long I've been out of my studio, that's a pretty good start!  Oh, yes I just remembered one more really important thing.  Starting as soon as we get everything in sync and I get it all set up on my end, I will be donating 10% of my gross proceeds to Richie's For A Reason World Foundation.  Richie's legacy lives on through his Foundation and all the amazing projects he started will continue.  Just remember, in the words of my beloved nephew, "everything is a blessing" and "if life gives you lemons, don't just make lemonade, make lemon sorbet and lemon pie and lemon cakes and …"

So I'll leave you for now with a modest bouquet from my freshly replenished flower beds.  Thank you for sticking with me through these difficult months.  New normal is starting to feel okay.

spring bouquet may 2018.jpg

With deep gratitude and light filled blessings ...