random thoughts on a Sunday ...

I’m in Louisiana staying with my Mom for a few days. While Mom is getting caught up with paperwork I pulled out some articles to peruse and ponder. I’ve been thinking about writing my version of a credo or manifesto or whatever you want to call it. But this is where my brain went instead ... a few random thoughts that might end up being a part of something more concrete.

 I really don’t understand the whole ‘badass’ thing. What is so wonderful or compelling about being a badass? How is that a good thing? I really and truly don’t get it.  It just feels aggressive and I just don’t see aggression as a good thing.  How about being firm, but gentle?  Motivated, but joyful?  Driven, but open to alternatives?

Driven ... as for me, I am driven to create.  

Surround yourself with beauty. Have a few, purposefully chosen things. One or two special things versus a whole cabinet of objects with no spark.  

Spark. I should feel a spark about everything in my home. No spark, pass it on, recycle it, donate it, take it apart and make something new ... 

I’m seeing that clutter and poor quality impacts me deeply. I am growing more mindful and it makes day to day life more challenging.  Figuring out how to be in and of the world, when my world view and way of walking through it has always been decidedly not the norm. It’s more challenging now. 

Making efforts to stay engaged when my tendency is to run away back to my protected, albeit small, universe.  

Making efforts to stay positive and not get sucked into negativity, be more accepting and less critical and judgmental, standing straight, shoulders back and relaxed, heart open and breathing deeply.  

I live an incredibly sheltered life and this time away from that quiet and very privileged existence is an important opportunity to observe and practice.

deep breaths  ...

with love and light