Capped Crystal Talismans, Blessing Wraps

Greetings and howdy and happy Friday and I hope if you’re in Louisiana, all hatches are battened down and you’ve headed for high ground!

Here in Sanctuary Studio, I just finished uploading my first serious attempt at using my new Adobe video editing software, Premiere Rush (not sure what’s up with the name). Mostly I’m quite pleased with the edits and transitions, especially since I started out with over 20 minutes of footage and ended up at just over 4. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to fade out the soundtrack clip, my favorite General Fuzz recording, Comfort Zone … no fade out makes the ending a bit abrupt, slightly annoying, but okay for now.

As I said before, I’m hoping to do more of these … I’ve got a new external microphone for my iPhone and have been getting my PC, phone and iMac all lined up and synced. Not sure what all I’ll be filming and putting out in the world, but at least I’ve begun. I do have another one in the works, processing indigo from leaf to dye paste. This first attempt is feeling like a fairly heroic effort what with Mercury retrograde and all … heh heh heh!

Thanks for watching and joining me in Tending a Handmade Life.

Please let me know what you think. Really!

with deep gratitude - kvk